Project Cloverleaf

Safe Access to Medical Marijuana

Project Cloverleaf is a voluntary program for Dispensaries and Provisioning Centers in Michigan designed to help ensure that Medical Marijuana remains safely in the hands of patients and that all medical products are safe for consumption.

The initial focus of the project is to begin with the most pressing issues. First, we hope to establish protocols that will help ensure that medical marijuana is safely utilized by patients and kept securely away from our children. This will involve looking at how medical products are handled and making continual improvements to ensure that this occurs.

Secondly, we hope to develop state-wide standards to help ensure that all medical marijuana being consumed by patients is medically safe for use. The use of modern day lab testing makes this process quite simple. However, many provisioning centers and dispensaries are not testing for safety. Through the outreach program “Project Cloverleaf”, we are trying to change the way medical marijuana is handled and processed by educating people involved in the program about the importance of safe medical products.

As members of the project find areas of weakness in our mission, they can then identify them to others in the project and work with the group on finding suitable ways to correct identified issues. For the program to work effectively there must be a strict policy that profit has to take a back seat to safety. In the past, we have not always seen this issue handled properly. However, dispensaries and provisioning centers that commit to Project Cloverleaf must do so with the understanding that certain objectives may not be the most profitable, but will increase the overall safety of the Medical Marijuana Program for patients in Michigan.

By proactively responding to the needs of Law enforcement and the Legislature, the project can help solve issues immediately without having to work through the often time-consuming legal process involved in changing laws.