Addressing Legal Concerns

Working together is safer

For Project Cloverleaf to work effectively, it will take a lot of communication between dispensaries and our communities. Working with lawyers that understand the issues that legislators and law enforcement personnel regularly face is an important step in the right direction. Legislators and law enforcement personnel are already stretched to the limits and have little time to properly respond to every violation of the law. Project Cloverleaf will help provisioning centers react to some of these issues before the need for enforcement or legislation arises.

Reacting to these issues before they arise helps keep law enforcement personnel free to handle more serious legal matters and keeps our legislators from having to battle against Provisioning Centers to correct a problem before it becomes a larger public issue.

Attorney James Fifelski has spearheaded legal improvements in the medical marijuana program by working with law enforcement to learn about possible issues before they occur and creating solutions that can be implemented before the need for legislation or enforcement arises. With this approach in place, real improvements in the program can be made.

For some time, Michigan legislators and community members have been addressing their concerns over medical marijuana slipping into the hands of children. This issue was first raised within the community of Oakland County, then some months later a federal memorandum was sent to local law enforcement personnel across the nation raising the same primary concern about our children.

The first leap for Project Cloverleaf was to mandate a 21 and older policy. We see this as the best way to prevent possible medical marijuana leakage in our community. The Ann Arbor Wellness Collective and the Tree City Health Collective both implemented this policy effective September 1, 2013. This marked the official start to Project Cloverleaf.

Implementation of a 21 and older policy is required for a dispensary or provisioning center to become a member of Project Cloverleaf. At this time, marijuana lab-testing is still growing and not yet readily available for all dispensaries and provisioning centers so as to become mandatory for membership. Testing is, however, our second most important objective and we do see this as a future mandate.