Project Cloverleaf - A Simple Beginning

Making the right choices for everyone

For more than two years the Ann Arbor Wellness Collective has been a working model of provisioning center safety. Working with Michigan's medical marijuana lawyer James Fifelski for over 3 years, the Collective was able to create a safe, working model of a Dispensary with dozens of policy changes and adaptations related to changes in the law on the safe handling of medical marijuana.

The need for Project Cloverleaf comes from the many concerned citizens, law enforcement personnel, and legislators that seek to keep medical marijuana out of our children’s reach. Along with protecting children, the program is concerned about safety in other ways. First,patient safety when consuming medical marijuana. This issue can be solved by lab testing all products before providing them to patients. Second, is to ensure that all dispensaries understand personal safety and have been trained on how to react in case of an emergency. It’s no secret that many Provisioning Centers in Michigan have been robbed or broken into by unsavory people. We see this type of lawless activity as an immediate safety concern and know that proper training in advance will improve the likelihood that everyone involved will remain safer in an emergency situation.

Keeping our children and community safe is the only way we can continue to have medical marijuana in Michigan. Any other way could have a disastrous impact and law enforcement is already observing this occur with non-compliant dispensaries. We have seen many dispensaries raided and shut down for these reasons. In almost every case, law enforcement was reacting to leakage of products into our streets, unsafe handling, and unsafe conditions in many dispensaries.