Testing Medical Marijuana in Michigan

Everybody wins

Medical marijuana is still relatively new in Michigan, however, testing labs have already emerged. With the ability to test marijuana for impurities, we can eliminate a dangerous situation before it occurs. Unfortunately, there are no laws or standards for product safety in our state and this type of necessary legislation will take time to establish. Marijuana safety testing is being praised by all sides of the aisle in our state and continues to gain momentum.

Iron Labs and Cannalytics are marijuana testing facilities in Michigan. Iron Labs is in the Metro Detroit area and Cannalytics is in Lansing. Both centers offer affordable marijuana testing in a timely manner. Other testing centers will be established over time and we recommend that you Google "marijuana testing in Michigan" to find other centers that may be closer to you.

Product testing involves only a minimal cost and is around $30-$40 depending on what type of testing you select. The teams at Cannalitics and Iron Labs will help you understand the results and safety issues. After implementing medical testing, the Tree City Health Collective in Ann Arbor reported that this change was overwhelmingly accepted by its patients. Tree City also reports that its caregivers embraced medical marijuana testing as well and several improvements have already be seen as a result of this testing.

Testing Centers

Mid-Michigan and Western Michigan


2208 E. Michigan Ave.
Lansing, MI 48912

Metro Detroit & S.E. Michigan

Iron Labs

1825 E. West Maple Rd.
Walled Lake, MI 48309

If you operate a testing center and would like to be listed at no charge on this page, please contact us and we will add your information.