Safety Through Education and Training

Keeping everyone out of harm’s way

Michigan has had many Dispensaries robbed or burglarized. To date, there have been no serious injuries or loss of life, and Project Cloverleaf is trying to keep it that way.

Any time a robbery occurs, guns could be involved. This has happened already in Ann Arbor and other communities. The possibility of it occurring again is just a matter of time. Stopping crime from happening is nearly impossible, even our banks have no way to stop robberies with all their resources, so we don't expect dispensaries to either.

John Israel is a security expert who offers all Michigan Dispensaries an in-house training session which focuses on how staff should react in the event of a robbery. Mr. Israel also conducts a full safety survey of the location to ensure that other issues do not arise which could create an environment that might make your dispensary a target for criminals. Mr. Israel's credentials include a long military and law enforcement background. He advises business on safety and security and currently teaches personal defense at one of our State’s police academies. Mr Israel has the trust of both law enforcement and dispensaries and he works in strict confidentiality. He has been performing dispensary security reviews since early 2011.

Mr Israel’s role is one of the most important aspects of Project Cloverleaf and may one day save lives. Understanding what is occurring in the event of an emergency and knowing how to react under pressure can make a difference between life and death. A security review can also lead to improvements that actually decrease the likelihood of a dispensary being.targeted by criminals.

Dispensaries are encouraged to contact Mr. Israel directly at . You do not have to be a member of Project Cloverleaf in order to secure his services.